Scientists are trained to invent, but not how to innovate.

However, the paradox is this - if you do invent something with the potential to make an impact, you need to understand how to translate your invention into an innovation.

That means assessing commercial value, applying for patent protection, researching
customer needs and industry pipeline gaps, pitching for investment, developing a regulatory
strategy, engaging with industry, negotiating deals and managing a multidisciplinary team.

All this is necessary to get an innovation tested, developed and ready to market, whether via
licensing, or spinning out a company.

That kind of training wasn’t available a few years ago.
BioMentoring Australia pioneered it, initially with a crash
introduction to entrepreneurship and business thinking
called MBA in a Day, followed by a comprehensive 12 month
training and mentoring program called Molecules to
Medicine in which postdocs from 14 institutes and universities
graduated with outstanding results.


Now BioMentoring Australia offers a consulting, coaching and mentoring service for scientists and engineers who want to take a fresh approach to developing groundbreaking innovations from their research. If you haven’t done it before, take advantage of our roadmap for the entrepreneur’s journey.

Short courses are available for institutions who want their researchers to have an impact beyond publication.

Write or call for a preliminary chat to explore your needs and develop a plan.

'I believe successful innovation requires a fusion of scientific evidence-based thinking and outside-the-box creativity'